Rex Hussmann is a singer songwriter who grew up in Atlanta, Georgia. His set up is like no other, playing on an African marimba, hi-hat, bass stomp box, metal pots, and a vast assortment of percussion. The marimba is traditionally known as a gyil (jeel) and it’s made of wood, gourds, antelope leather and spiderwebs. The spider webs are placed over holes in the gourds to create a resonating distortion similar to the bass from a booming trunk of a car.


Although the gyil is African, Rex infuses elements reminiscent of Muddy Waters, Johnny Cash and Otis Redding, while singing soulfully over backbeats and grooves that invoke folk, electronic, hip hop, and pop music.

Rex spent three months in Africa to study with gyil masters and was invited to witness special funeral ceremonies in Ghana where the gyil is performed to honor the dead.

Recently he’s collaborated with Anti-Records artist Sean Rowe on his 2014 release “Madman”. He also toured with Sean Rowe and current Austin, Texas sensation Shaky Graves in 2015 for the “And TheWar Came” tour. He is currently working on songs for a new album.

He lives in Athens, GA.


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